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Informatie m.b.t. de specialismen van Dirk van Lith

HCG-book- USA

Lezing: A new approach to successful weight management-Turkey 2017

Lezing: De geschiedenis van het natuurlijk schildklierhormoon-VGNS-01-april-2016

Lezing: A new approach to successful weight management-Malta-2016

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Scientific contributions

Author of the Dutch W8drops book: “Afvallen zonder Afzien”
(Losing Weight without Refraining; in 3 steps to a healthy weight).

2010-2012 Author of ‘The European and International HCG / Weightdrops Cure. A guideline to permanent weight loss and Lifestyle Management’.
Inkwell Productions, Arizona, 2012-2013, ISBN: 978–0-9883568-9-4

2009-2010 Author of ‘The HCG Cure and Cookbook. A guide to successful lifestyle and weight management in 3 steps. A guidebook for patients and health care professionals’ (in Dutch)

1978-1982 Initiator and co-worker of International Boerhaave Courses of the University of Leiden on female sterilization and pregnancy termination

1976-1984 Publication of numerous scientific papers in outstanding medical journals. Presentations of original scientific papers on International congresses Worldwide (e.g. Holland, Belgium, Germany, France, Italy, Spain, Tunisia, USA, Mexico, Singapore and India)

1976-1984 Author, Editor and Co-Editor of medical text books on female sterilization, pregnancy termination and hysteroscopy. Year Book Medical Publishers, Chicago-London, 1983, ISBN:0-8151-8970-2

Mini-Endoscopy (1978)

Abdominal Tubal Occlusion Techniques (1978)